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Originally from Texas, Dave grew up in Los Angeles where he previously worked in the film industry for over twelve years. He learned the importance of the right cast for the right character, believable dialog, and keeping the audience engaged. This knowledge he took and applied it to his writings to come. Currently, Dave lives in the Inland Empire, Ca. with his wife and daughter. He's been a member of the California Writers Club, Inland Empire Branch, since 2005 and participates in reading and speaking events. He also participates in the Poets and Writers yearly Round Table meetings. When he's not writing Dave enjoys novels from his favorite authors, especially thrillers and paranormal detective. He also loves sci-fi/fantasy, ghost stories and, of course, the strange and unusual.       

Dave began writing in Spring of 2004 and discovered a new world in story telling. His first book was a collection of twelve short stories based on lucid dreams of the strange and unusual, stories that he had compiled over the past twenty years, which was quite an undertaking of a project. It required research on lucid dreams and on how to put this book together. That's when he discovered Ray Bradbury's short stories collection, "One More For The Road."  After that he was hooked and put his first book together titled "Tales of a Lucid Dreamer." The book was later revised and re-released with a new cover design in 2013 and still sells copies to this date. The learning experience of writing and publishing a book has been rewarding and he has since written three more books. See Dave's Book page. 

Currently Dave is attending Valley College in San Bernardino , Ca. where he is studying the arts, computer graphics, and even a cinema class. It's been very rewarding and had to take time out on writing, but is in the process of getting his next book in the works. The writing bug has been nudging him. As a writer you have to be knowledgeable of the world around you and the changing trends in the literary industry, especially for the independent author. You have to attend book fairs, meet other authors, and stay informed through the internet's valuable resources or writing clubs. Knowledge is power. A good writer reads a lot. Read, read, read. Write, write, write. 

Author's note: My next book is scheduled for a late release in 2019. Title not yet available. Book two of "The Girl From Willow Street" has been on hold due to story-line changes but it's also in the works. Hopefully a book for 2020.   


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Dave's Books

The Girl From Willow Street


A haunting tale about a young man and his visions of a mysterious girl from his dreams, only she died twenty seven years ago. What began as a search to find the truth behind her untimely death, soon turns into the ghostly awakening he never expected, and the daunting truth of that tragic day. His friends try to warn him, 

but will he cross the silver line for the chance to be with her forever?  

Paperback and eBook   

The Night They Came 10th Anniversary


Aliens, hy-brids, and secret government experimentation is only the beginning in this fast-paced thriller. A group of survivors head to the Angeles National Forest to escape the terror invading the city of L.A., only to fall in the hands of a different kind of terror. The odds are against them. Will anyone survive? 

This edition contains actual witness accounts after the story.   

Paperback and eBook

Tales of a Lucid Dreamer


Twelve short stories based on lucid dreams that will give you something to think about. From the strange and unusual, to the quiet and terrifying, you will enter a world where the unreal is possible. You'll face unruly and bizarre people, horrid creatures, aliens, 

or maybe even a sexy seductress. 

So jump in and take a ride. 

It's only a dream. Or is it?   

Paperback and eBook 

The Forbidden Zone


Stranded in the scorching desert with no one around, Andrew must find a way to get home, but instead finds himself stepping into another world. A world of barbaric wickedness, evil men, creatures, and a sultry vixen who's not always what she appears. Doomed to the forbidden world that now holds him, he'll have to fight the deadly odds to live and survive. Can he escape the wicked world?  

eBook format only 

Work in Progress. Coming soon.


Book five of Dave's stand alone's is currently in the works. 

All books are available through Amazon,   

Barnes & Nobles, and other book sites. 

Stay in touch for upcoming stories.


Please stay in touch for more stories of the strange and unusual. He is currently in the process of putting together his next books on the paranormal/mystery or ghosts.